The Ultimate Guide To pulli kolam collections

Rangoli layouts with only dots may be combined with Definitely cost-free hand rangoli designs also to receive a much more amazing rangoli. Only one occasion in the images beneath.

 The dot pattern is any amount of rows and any amount of columns i.e we might have six dot by five dot or seven by six etcetera. to accommodate the scale of your kolam we must attract.  .The kolam under follows exactly the same notion of dot patterns the only distinction becoming a lot more colours have already been employed for the base in the lamp.

It is a really colourful kolangal structure constituting of shiny colors. Its principal theme is flowers and the outer flower contains 4 diyas at the same time. The a single border help in supplying the appropriate shape and kind to each pattern and guide in building the Rangoli seem a lot more stunning.

 And so the dot sample will 8 dots to 1 (idukku pulli or interlaced dots ).  The 3 images beneath display the ways for drawing this kolam. While It is just a simple kolam joining the dots to find the curved traces to obtain a conch pattern is exactly what is vital.  Pretty a good looking kolam that is often utilized as common designs and for festivals way too.

In the kolam designs, many designs are derived from magical motifs and summary designs blended with philosophic and religious motifs that have been mingled jointly.Motifs could incorporate fish, birds, together with other animal images to symbolize the unity of person and beast.

 Following the strategy given in the pictures over draw the blue and white designs after which insert deepam designs as demonstrated to secure a simple nonetheless wonderful kolam design with lamps.

Some sorts of Rangoli contain absolutely free hand designs. Usually the animal figures and themed Rangoli are drawn in this way. It is normally accomplished by a bunch of women.

This really is a stunning peacock kolam art Using the vibrant impression of a peacock done with a colourful backdrop. The contrast of the colours is beautiful minus excessive here facts. The design is shiny and apt for any home décor. The intense contrasting hues are used superbly listed here.

In lots of the kolam over a repeated sample of ellipses inclined on each side is employed. Two images from among my videos on Ran golisansdots - demonstrating how to attract these repeated patterns

Right here we see a circular kolam composition. You can find unquestionably somebody sugarcane layout and magnificence on probably facet from the kolam structure. The colours utilised Permit me to share seriously striking and stunning.

Also, the son in the king painted a portrait of a woman whom the son liked greatly, Even though the king would not Allow his son see her.

This kolam structure earlier mentioned is a typical kolam and  is with 13 to 1 dot sample. It's been stuffed with colours,  nevertheless can be drawn simple or partly stuffed, is usually decorated  inside of or exterior with freehand styles.

This kolangal Rangoli design constitutes four Kalash and four coconut trees drawn inside a symmetrical form. The base is square-shaped along with the borders are incredibly symmetrically built with white Rangoli powder.

Excellent chikku kolam and excellent way of drawing outer to internal style and connecting The 2. Colour combo is very good.

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